I know it's a banhammer offence to mention poor grammar on GM posts, but jesus christ it is fucking distracting, especially in headers but also especially everywhere else. It wouldn't be as crazymaking if they were infrequent but it's multiple times every goddamn day and it looks bad.

I know the whole theory behind clearing the pedant road to focus on pageclick-generating content, but here's the thing: GM has seen a noticeable push towards longer format, more serious journalism and original content, and the constant grammar and spelling bombs really detract from the otherwise excellent quality boost of the past 18 months. It makes me less likely to link GM articles around, and also means legitimately excellent content isn't taken seriously.

It's not hard to spellcheck (hey, it's built in to kinja!) and then also proof for grammar. It really, really isn't. Shit, I'll do it for you guys!